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Sisal Spire Cat Tree

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The Sisal Spire is prime real estate for your cat or family of cats! Measuring 63 inches tall, the bottom of this unit is a 2-floor enclosed house area. To allow easy movement between the two floors in the enclosed house, the shelf has a 15"x8" opening in the back for climbing back and forth between floors.
This sisal post has two observation decks are provided, the first level being almost a half-circle and the top level being a little smaller and tiered to allow easy access. These are flat, non-lipped platforms.
The standard model comes with tall sisal scratching poles on each side of the enclosed house (as pictured).
Vital Stats:
  • House: 16" wide x 20" deep
  • Inside floor 15"x11"x24" high
  • Base: 22"x22"
  • Roof: 20"x20"
  • Mid Platform 17"x15"
  • Top Platform 15"x12"
  • (2) 24" sisal scratchers on house standard
  • Overall height 63"
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