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Boardwalk Cat Gym

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The wonderful Boardwalk Cat Condo is simply the most accommodating piece of Cat Furniture on the market. This unit is all your "kids" could ever wish for. With 4 separate cat condos you cats will love exploring this grand cat tree. The Extra large upper beds will handle two cats at a time effortlessly. The upper and lower main condos are multiple cat accommodating. The end units which are interconnecting to the main condo are nice single guest rooms. This cat tree is super heavy with a low center of gravity which guarantees your "kids" a wobble free environment.
  • All Dimensions are Approx.
  • Height 74"
  • Width 52"
  • Depth 25" on ground/ Upper 35"
  • Main Condo 25"x25"x31"
  • 2 Side condos 15x13x18
  • Top condo 20x20x16
  • Doors 10x10
  • 13x10 9x7
  • 3 upper beds 17" square
  • Completely wobble free unit weight approx 150 lbs
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