The Cats Meow Kitty Gym

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Availability: Custom made in 10-15 biz days

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Our new Cat's Meow Kitty Gym offers it all! At a whopping 68 inches tall, this unit will satisfy your cat (or cat's) need to survey his surroundings.

Its sturdy 24x24 base supports the following roomy features:


  • Lower Shelf 16x24 inches
  • House 16x16x14 inches
  • 2 Trays @ 12x16 inches each
  • Top Tray 12x21 inches
  • Some Assembly Required

You can add optional sisal to the front and back legs and if you want. Also you can add sisal to the posts under the trays! One, two or all three!!

This tree provides lots of roomy shelves, a great hiding and sleeping space inside the cozy house, and tons of climbing opportunities.

Adaptable to fit into a Corner

The Cats Meow Kitty Gym requires some assembly, and comes with the instructions that will allow you to choose between front facing or angling the during the assembly so that the piece will fit right into the corner of your room!

Optional MEGA Side Trays
For the two side trays on this unit, the regular sized trays are 12"x16". For larger cats or extra lounging room, you may upgrade to the MEGA sized side trays, which are 16"x16".

| 7 reviews

This arrived much sooner than I expected, it only took a total of 10 days. It arrived in perfect condition. It's solidly constructed, the carpet is firmly attached and the sisal is tightly wound. It was a little tricky to get the top house bolted to the bottom support but overall it was very easy to put together. It sits perfectly in the corner and doesn't wobble when they launch themselves at it, I have no fear it will topple over. I love that the levels are varied, even the little one's can jump up without having to leap too far. One of my old towers had an awkward descent from the top tray that made me nervous. Anyway, they love this tower. I'm very happy with my purchase, I feel it was a great investment in my cat's happiness that will last for many years.
| 7 reviews

We purchased our kitty gym from Cat's Play about 2 weeks ago for our two kittens, one a rescued 9 week old boy, and a 1 1/2 old slightly overweight female. After looking at trees available in the pet store today, I decided to write a review to tell everyone just how good our gym is! Right away, you see a difference in the diameter of the base and how sturdy the tree is. Second, the carpet is so much more plush and foamy on our tree, it's amazing! The carpet on the store trees was thin so that it felt hard on the hand. The carpet on our tree is so much more plush and feels like memory foam when you push on it with your hand. It is a stark difference!! Lastly, the craftsmanship is so much better, little design additions like the "waterfall" effect from the top to lower levels... flows well as our cats play from level to level.
| 7 reviews

All of our cats LOVE the Cat's Meow Gym! I have two of them in my house--one for the upstairs kitties and another for the downstairs cat. I worried that they wouldn't like the it, as I've bought cat furniture in the past that went completely ignored. With these, the cats were climbing all over it, even before I finished putting it together. I have shorter cat furniture pieces by the same manufacturer, and honestly I will only by their pieces now, because they are much sturdier than anything else commercially available. I especially like the options for larger tray sizes. Our boy cats are strapping lads and most of the readily available cat furniture is far too small for them. The large trays are just perfect. Even our little cat appreciates the larger size for stretching out and looking fierce. For us, both gyms were a great investment; the cats use them every single day. Awesome!
| 7 reviews

Excellent. My cats love this tree. I put it in my cat room that they all sleep in. When it arrived they chewed a hole in the box and climbed in and started playing. It wasn't even unpacked. They helped unpack and put together which was very easy and this is not our first cat tree to put together and the other was a nightmare. It was up and running in less than 1 hour with 9 cats helping. The screw thief was very sad not to have a bowl of screws to steal. They use it everyday and night. In the morning I open the door and it is covered in cats. The house always has a sleeping kitty inside. They jump and climb all over and have not even made it rock. Very sturdy and I recommend it to anyone who wants a lasting piece of playful cat furniture.
| 7 reviews

We bought this for our cat and she loves it !!! As we were putting it together ( very easy to do ) Snickers jumped up and laid in one of the mega trays ... I wanted the larger trays and this is perfect ... It is well built and she loves the height of it ... I looked a long time and this was the one that I wanted and no regrets at all in the purchase !! I know you and your cat or cats will be happy
| 7 reviews

Amy wrote this fantastic letter to about the Cat's Meow Kitty Gym. "I have to tell you, my girls love the tree! They're so excited to have it "back", they really missed getting up and fighting over who gets the top bed! My parents helped my put it together last night, and we were in stitches for hours! As soon as the base came out of the box, both cats started sharpening their claws and jumping on top, they played a little "king of the hill"...until we took the top part out of it's box. Then they started climbing straight up, even though we didn't have the beds on! They looked a bit confused, like, "hey, isn't there supposed to be more up here?". SO funny!! Then we moved the bottom into it's corner and put the top on (after getting the cat out of the house, just like in the directions!), and one hopped right to the top bed! My dad was trying to get the holes in the house and on the base lined up, and she was quite content to ride back and forth as dad lined things up. Mom and I were in stitches!! She was giving dad a look and he was laughing. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment! The condo is so well made and my (slightly spoiled) girls love it! Thank you!!!"
| 7 reviews

Julie writes to us about the Cats Meow Kitty Gym, "I just wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am about my recent cat tree purchase from you. The Cats Meow Kitty Gym is FANTASTIC. The quality is outstanding and it looks great. My cat immediately jumped to the top perch before we had it completely assembled, so he gives it four paws up! Your customer service is something to also brag about. I received my order in less than two weeks and you kept me updated with status emails. I love it! I would definitely order from you again and I will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you so much!"

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