Kitty Corner Hideaway + 3 Ramps Cat Wall Climbing Package

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So you say you don't have space for a Cat Tree?? Well then try our space saving "Hanging Cat Playgrounds". We offer many different designs and colors to choose from. Let your imagination run wild while you create the purr-fect playground for
your pet.

This is a package of different components that allow you to build a climbing system for your cats. This package consists of:

Quantity (3) "Hanging Wall Mounted Cat Shelf"
They come in 3 different lengths 16", 32" and 48". All are 8" wide. They can be mounted flat or at an angle to lead up to another piece. With 3 different sizes you can make any area work for you. Purr-fect for the sunny spot below a high window or above a doorway.

Quantity (1) "Kitty Corner Wall Mounted Hideaway"
This is our "Kitty Corner Hideaway" It is a very roomy 16" x 16" x 16" with a recessed top for lounging on. Fully carpeted inside and out. With two 8" x 10" doorways on either side it is a breeze to get in and out of.

(2) 8"x10" door ways
Recessed top for lounging

The Wall Climbing units attach to a wooden mounting bracket that is hidden inside the unit. You start by mounting the wooden 2x2 bracket to your wall then attach the Wall Unit to the wooden mounting bracket. All hardware is included for Drywall and Plaster Wall application. Hardware for concrete walls is not included but can be purchased at any hardware store for under $5.

Here's a great example of combining cat wall shelf components together!  This gentleman actually may have them placed a bit too close - they can also be spaced out more because the cats can jump from piece to piece.

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  • $257.99
    | 2 reviews

    We have two cats who haven't been "up high" since we adopted them. It turns out that the one cat, that we thought would love the hideaway and ramps, very rarely uses them. The other, shyer cat who didn't venture in that room much, is now going in there every single day for hours on end. It's funny: this cat sits on top of the hideaway (highest spot in the house, naturally) and seems to get great enjoyment looking down at us. He also likes to sit on the one shelf that we installed under a window. Sometimes, both cats use the ensemble and "bicker" about where each is going to settle down. But, for the most part, the unit is only being used by the one cat on a daily basis. The shelves and hideaway came fairly quickly and were easy to install. They are very durable and look nice in the room.
    | 2 reviews


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