KG80 80 Inch Kitty Gym

Price: $284.99
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Product Code: 005-0000003119
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With all these shelves your kitty will be in Heaven. Attached to the all wood posts and braced these shelves will hold over 100 pounds. Our cat scratch tree is extremely easy for any cat to get up or down. It is plenty strong and stable for those big boys and girls.

Optionally, your cat tower can come with sisal on the legs, and on the posts under the trays.      


  • Approximate Height: 80”   
  • Wide wobble-free base: 24" x 24
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Plush Carpeting
  • One 16"x16" shelf
  • One 21"x16" shelf
  • Three 12"x16" shelves
  • Shown with 20" x20" Mega Tray

Choose your top tray size and type:

  • Regular size tray with 3 inch lip - 12x20" (3-sided, open in front)
  • Mega Size Tray with 3 inch lip - 20x20" (4- sided with a 9x9 access hole. Pictured on site)
  • Regular Size FLAT top (no lip) - 12x20"
  • Mega Size FLAT top (no lip) - 20x20"
  • Round 16" Sleep Tub
  • Assembly required.
| 4 reviews

Very helpful reviews. I bought this tree because of the reviews
| 4 reviews

Sturdy, durable, and fun.
| 4 reviews

My two bengal cats love this tall gym. I have it positioned in a corner next to my bed and they sleep in it every night. They compete for the top spot but sometimes they both wind up on the top together. It has provided them with the height and exercise they crave. I would highly recommend this to any cat owner with an active cat that has claws.
| 4 reviews

My cats love this cat tree. I put it in front of a tall window and many cats have a window seat to have the window view. It is sturdy and I have hefty cats. They LOVE IT! I have a cat room and I am putting cat trees around the edges of the room for their entertainment. I am pleased.

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