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Small Cedar Insulated Cat or Small Dog House with Platform and Loft

      SHIPS FREE Small Cedar Insulated Cat or Small Dog House with Platform and Loft

The Small Insulated Cedar Cat House with Platform and Loft is one of the best feral cat houses you can get! 



  • House Exterior: 29î x 19î x 18î (D x W x H)
  • House Floor: Interior: 14î x 13î (L x W)
  • Door opening: 6î x 8î (W x H)
  • Deck Platform: 29" x 17" x 16î (D x W x H)
  • Deck Area: 9î x 17î (D x W)

Itís the perfect size for your cat to feel right at home!

Here are some ways that you can customize your wooden, outside cat house or small dog house:

* Add heat with our HEATED HOUSE OPTION! Our assortment of pet house heating pads will provide just the right amount of warmth to the already insulated pet house and, with the natural body warmth of the outdoor feral cat(s) or small breed dog, will create a warm and cozy shelter.

* A VINYL DOOR FLAP is the perfect way to give your outdoor feline condo / small animal shelter some separation between your feral cat / outdoor dog and the rain, bright sun, snow, or cold wind.

* Insert a ROUND DOOR to give that special touch to your outdoor cat condo / small outdoor animal shelter! Some small animals ñ especially feral cats ñ seem to like the round doors betterÖ Who knew????

* Need an EXTRA DOOR? Some outdoor or feral cats and small dogs want the extra door option so that they donít feel ìcorneredî by potential predators while they are enjoying their wooden cat house / dog house. Our extra doors are placed on the back wall of the house diagonally across from the front door to prevent a ìwind tunnelî effect. Another option ñ by email request ñ is a door placed in one of the side walls to accommodate unique placement situations at your home, yard, or barn.

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