Large Cedar Insulated Cat House with Platform and Loft

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Our Large Insulated Cat House made with cedar, Platform and Loft is one of the best wooden cat shelters for feral cats on the market!

Why not get them a room with a view?

This cedar cat house has an open platform above it.

It’s perfect for sunning, bird watching, and (shhhh!) espionage.

Your cats will love to lounge on those long summer days.

Watching the clouds go by…they’ll have the time of their life!

What if it’s chilly or rainy?

They can just lie under the roof of the outdoor pet shelter and watch the rain.


You can house 2 feral cats in this insulated cat house. 

Just how large is it? Well, let me get my tape measure.


House Exterior: 24" x 23" x 20" (D x W x H)

Interior: 19" x 18" (L x W)

Door Opening: 7" x 9" (W x H)

Lower Deck: 16" off the ground with a 22" x 9" lounging deck

Upper Deck: 34" from the ground with a 34" x 22" (D x W) lounging deck


It’s built to last with wood.

But not just any wood.  

It’s built with cedar!

This wood is very resistant to rot, mold, and insects. 

This feral cat shelter is even insulated with Thermal-Ply on 4 sides.

Warm and cozy!

If you live in a cold climate, you can make it even warmer!

Just add one of our Heated Pads.

Your kitties will love curling up to sleep at night.

Sweet dreams in a warm spot! 

Our designers know that feral cats often like extra doors.

It makes them feel more secure.

With their background, they always want to have an escape route planned.

To make your feral cat feel right at home, just add an Extra Door!

Some cats like round doors better than square ones.

We can build your outdoor cat house with a Round Door.

Or maybe your cat doesn’t like to get wet. 

Choose a Vinyl Door Flap to keep the rain out.

Your kitty friends can see out while staying warm and dry.

How sweet is that?

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