Artisan Made - (3) Floating Cat Wall Cubes + (1) Cat Wall Bed

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These beautiful floating cat shelves are made from reclaimed wood. These floating cat shelves can be arranged in any which way you desire! Stagger them to make a cat stair, place them around to make convenient perches for your kitty, line them up to make a larger cat walkway, the possibilities are only as limited as your wall space! These floating cat cubes and cat bed serve a dual purpose, they allow for your kitty to perch up high to build confidence or to just catch a few winks of sleep and they allow for you to place your favorite knick-knacks on the shelf without any worries of kitty knocking it down! All of our cat cubes come carpeted to allow for grip so that your kitty doesn"t fall off and makes for a convenient scratching spot.

For maximum wall strength, install into a stud!

Your choice of color.

This set contains the following:

  • Three Floating Cat Cube Shelves
  • One Floating Cat Bed
  • One Cat Bed foam insert
  • Installation hardware like screws and wall anchors

Each Floating Cat Bed measures approximately:
11 3/4"" L x 19 1/2"" W x 4"" H

Each Floating Cat Cube measures approximately:
5 3/4"" L x 12 1/2"" W x 12"" H

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