Mushroom Tree with Tub

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We're pleased to offer something kitty can really curl up in -- our Mushroom Tree with Tub. With a 16" diameter sleep tub there is plenty of room for two. Our Mushroom Tree has a solid wood center post with braced shelves.

This tree comes in your choice of 30" tall or 46" tall, and comes on our sturdy 20"x 20" base. All the shelves will support over 100 lbs purr-fect for those big boys and girls. Strength and durability are trademarks of this furniture line.


  • 30" tall tree has one shelf and one sleep tub
  • 46" tree has two shelves and one sleep tub (as shown)

You will notice all the Mushroom Trees are braced on their bases on all four sides! Your kitties will appreciate the stability when climbing on and jumping off.

Colors are Factory select Brown Base, Beige Trunk and Green Leaf and top

5 Minute Assembly Required.

Factory Select Colors may vary from colors pictured.

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  • $251.99
    | 6 reviews

    Both my cats really like the tree and the tub on the top. The tub is a bit small for my male Maine Coon, but he makes it work. I actually bought this for them to use as a step ladder for me bed, so it's working out great. The tub would have been a little better with pre-drilled holes for the screws but overall, it's great and we are all very happy! I would definitely recommend!
    | 6 reviews

    Our kitties were excited about this as soon as the boxes arrived and helped put it together. They instantly started playing and jumping around on it once it was upright. The shelves are very sturdy and the top circle is well loved (and fought for) for a protected and cozy nap. The little dip in the front is perfect to prop up a chin on while relaxing and looking out a window. Also, of course, the actual tree design makes it so much cuter than a regular cat tree in your home, and you can choose the carpet colors that best match your home so it blends in even better.
    | 6 reviews

    My three Coonies LOVE the mushroom tree. Most tubs are too small for a 16-20+ lb. kitty. They all take turns sleeping and loving the tree. What a great furniture piece. We love it and they do too! You get "twelve paws up" for this one!
    | 6 reviews

    Much better than the usual cat tree. Like the treatment of the stems and ground. Fun.
    | 6 reviews

    i love the realistic look of this product, so much nicer than the standard cat tree
    | 6 reviews

    Diane wrote this nice note and sent pictures, You can see how these fabulous well crafted Mushroom tubs give the room added interest and color from the ordinary plush carpet straight angled perches. What a nice change for us and for our feline five. Thanks again for your excellent service so very appreciated.

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