Cat Furniture Solutions for Apartments and Small Spaces

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CatsPlay offers cat furniture solutions for apartment dwellers with limited available space. Compact cat trees and, in particular, wall mounted cat climbing systems are a great solution for small spaces, and are becoming more and more popular among cat owners.

Cats have a natural love of being up high and being able to survey their surroundings.  Wall mounted cat shelves and wall mounted cat condos arranged on a wall in tiered or well-thought-out manner can allow your cats to be up high and have a place to lounge, without taking up valuable floor space!

CatsPlay offers individual wall mounted cat shelf components, or packages of multiple components, enabling you to plan and configure your own wall-mounted cat playground.  Available in both traditional carpet, with your custom choices, in eco-friendly natural wood, or in modern styles, wall mounted cat shelves, wall cat condos, and cat climbing systems for walls are an innovative and fun solution for your cats!

In addition to wall mounted cat climbing systems, all cat furniture listed on CatsPlay provides the dimensions of the piece, allowing you to determine if the piece will fit into the space that you have in mind.  We recently added a cat tree specifically designed with an extremely small footprint, particularly good for small, narrow spaces.  The Space Saver Cat Tree has a narrow depth of 20", and is ideal for tight spots against walls or in a corner.

Last update: Sep 23, 2012

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