34 Inch Corner Tower

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The new Corner Tower series has really taken off. These were designed to fit in out-of-the-way corners and still have frontal access. This Corner Tower is 34" tall with a large 16" diameter top bed with a 4" lip that will accomodate cats of all sizes . The large 12"x16" shelf makes the top very accessable. The three solid wood posts are attatched to our wide 20"x20" wobble-free base.

  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Made With Solid Wood. No Paper Tubing or Pressed Wood
  • Option to Add Sisal to One, Two or All Three Legs
  • Adding Sisal Will Add Years of Life to The Tree
  • 10 Different Colors to Choose From


| 2 reviews

The 34 inch Corner Tower is a regular part of Sushi's life . . . she uses both the sisal and carpeted posts to scratch on, lounges at the top, and plays with the feather toy you provided. I was so relieved about her using it for scratching, having failed with various versions, including flat with sisal, round cardboard, and a cedar board. I am glad I went to the slightly added expense of getting both sisal and carpet legs, since Sushi seems to enjoy the variety.
| 2 reviews

Alyse from CA writes, The tree was particularly comforting to Sushi after the Scripps Ranch fires here in San Diego.We packed up and left the condo for a day, just to be safe. When we returned, she started going onto thecat tree more than ever . . . I think she feels safer up there.

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