PVC Frame Cat Bed

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Designed for your pet's health and comfort, our indoor outdoor cat bed is the perfect, space saving solution for your home, outside your home, or for breeders and pet shelters.

  • The bed's PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is non porous and can be easily wiped clean.
  • The raised bed provides a cozy and comfortable resting place for your cat.
  • The design increases valuable floor space, and provides a cozy nook for a shy cat
  • The High strength, lightweight frames are crafted from furniture-grade poly-resin.
  • Thick 40oz vinyl fabric in your choice of three colors
  • Very easy to clean and guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.
  • One year warranty
  • Size: 21" L x 15" W x 13" H
  • Cat bed part of the tower:  21 x 15

Heavy Duty Vinyl Beds
The vinyl sleep areas are made from durable, easy to clean heavy duty 40 oz. vinyl, proven to provide years of service in kennels and shelters. The smooth surface enables easy cleaning; just spray and wipe clean.

The Highest Quality Construction, Made in the USA
These Patented, poly resin frames are constructed from Furniture Grade Co-Extruded Pipe, with a hard, glossy outer finish. Using two different types of plastic that are fused together, the inside material provides great structural strength while the harder outer shell provides a beautiful, furniture grade finish.

The outer layer has a glossy finish that is extremely resistant to damage by chemicals or ultraviolet rays of the sun. By combining these two types of PVC in our frame, the product can endure a wide range of environments.

Patented, guaranteed chewproof design
Unlike beds which wrap the fabric around the outside of a frame making it totally exposed for a pet to chew, these beds have a patented design which secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame totally inaccessible to pets.

Assembly required.

Optional Deluxe Fleece Blanket Pad

Add a soft, cozy Fleece Blanket Pad to your  bed to provide your pet with extra coziness and comfort. No padding or stuffing. The fleece blanket pad is not recommended for pets that chew. Blanket Pads are Oatmeal in color


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