4 Simple Tips for Finding the Perfect Cat Litter Box

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One of the advantages of cats versus dogs is the fact that cats use the bathroom independently, and don’t have to be walked.  An easy-to-access cat litter box is a basic necessity for any cat owner.


Cats can be quite particular about their bathroom habits, so it’s important to follow a few key strategies when selecting, placing and maintaining your cat’s litterbox.  Using these guidelines, you’ll set the stage for consistent litterbox usage by your felines.


Find the perfect spot for your cat litterbox


Put careful thought into where you decide to place your litter box cover.  It’s important that the litter box enclosure is easily accessible for your cat, but, is also in a quiet area that creates a sense of privacy for the cat.  It’s OK to keep the litter box hidden as long as you take the time to show your new cat where it is.  Place the cat in the litterbox and he will almost immediately understand its purpose.


Make sure the cat’s litterbox is large enough


You might find the litterbox of your dreams, but, if it’s not large enough for your cat to move around in it comfortably, you run the risk of your cat rejecting it.  This is especially important in a multi-cat household; in this case, multiple cat litterboxes may be warranted.  If you have a litter box for kittens, because they grow so quickly, it makes sense to purchase a full size litterbox for cats from the start.


Choose a cat litter box design that makes it easy to keep clean


It’s super important that you clean your cat’s litter hider frequently.  We suggest scooping it daily, to be sure that your cat doesn’t get turned off and begin going outside the litterbox.  When considering the litterbox design, be sure that the litter box cover doesn’t require elaborate disassembly just to clean it.


A litterbox with added storage space is great for efficiency


The pooper scooper is a litterbox essential, and many cat boxes provide a hanging hook or a designated storage area or storage drawer to house the litter scoop.  Keeping the scoop hidden in the litter box furniture reduces clutter and mess.



Shop our selection of Cat Litter Boxes


CatsPlay offers cat litterboxes in a wide variety of designs and price ranges.  Whether you are looking for a carpeted cat litter hider, a middle of the road plastic or wooden litterbox, or, a high end furniture-quality cat litter cabinet, you’ll find something to meet your needs in our Cat Litterbox department.