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Decorative Corner Kitty Litter Box

Decorative Corner Kitty Litter Box

Corner Kitty – White/Black/Grey (USA MADE)

These litterboxes were designed to be in plain view within your home. They were also designed to fit into small spaces, into corners, and along walls nicely despite being larger boxes. These boxes are made of heavy duty polypropylene plastic with UV protection and are proudly made in the USA. This particular model fits nicely into a corner and looks like furniture in your home. Our 6-inch entrance height is easy for gericats and kittens to enter. The high sided walls offer great urine and litter containment. Additionally, the litter boxes have no connections/snaps/lips where urine can hide and dry; this offers better odor control. The lid is optional and removes with ease for cleaning and scooping out used litter.

Actual weight 9.09 lbs. Freight weight 11.36 lbs.


  • Height: 16.5 in

  • Length: 17.75 in

  • Width: 25 in


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