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Insulation for this cat house is standard.
This house has features that cats will simply love. The Catillac House has a real glass picture window shutters. The inside layout is uniquely engineered and designed for one to five cats. The offset door protects the interior from wind and elements. The standard lounging ledge is 5.5 inches wide and provides a loft area that can easily accompany three cats.
The Catillac house offers a full line of options that make it possible for you to custom design a cat abode to best suit your cat's needs and your taste. Raised foundations, platforms, porch and deck systems, heat pads, and thermostatically controlled electric heat units are options available for our insulated, western red cedar Catillac cat house. As with all of our houses, it comes with a heavy duty vinyl flap door installed. We also offer an upgrade seal safe magnetic door specifically designed for cats.
Our cat and dog houses are handmade in Americans, one house at a time. Look and compare our Catillac cat house with anything else out there. We hope to hear from you soon!
House Size: 40"w x 20"d x 30"h*
Door Opening: 8"w x 8 5/8"h

This house comes with insulation included!  Our insulation is made in the USA and is a certified "green" product. It is called LOW E reflective insulation.  Most manufacturers of dog houses are spouting out R-Value numbers and frankly most of them don't even know what an R Value is.  R-Value is the resistance to conductive heat flow.  In dog houses, conduction is only 3 to 7 % of heat loss due to the small size of the cavity.

The biggest heat loss (during winter) and the largest heat gain (during summer) for dog houses is not a conductive factor but a radiation loss/gain through infrared radiation.  Rather than getting into a scientific, hard to understand dissertation, simply think of it like a thermos bottle.  It keeps cold things cold and hot things hot with a shallow reflective aluminum barrier.  That is precisely what CatsPlay LOW E reflective insulation does for a pet house.  You may refer to our website's LOW E link.

LOW E is a Class A, Class I fire rated insulation made of pure reflective aluminum on both sides with a layer of closed cell polyethylene in the middle. It is non toxic and does not become brittle, crack, flake, or collapse  with age.

A light weight mahogany plywood liner protects the inner cavity insulation from pet damage, ensuring long term durability.

Optional Porch & Deck

Give your cat house more character while providing your cat with a great place to relax in the shade! A porch and deck system also provides a superior way to protect the doorway from the elements.

Optional Raised Foundation

The raised foundation for the cat houses is made of full sized frame members (2" x 3"). The posts (3" x 3") and the frame members are lifetime pressure treated lumber for outdoor exposure and ground contact. The decking is western red cedar planking which really compliments the cedar cat houses.

The raised foundation is large enough to accompany the cat house and still provide a front deck area. It can easily accommodate the cat house platform system which opens up another tier area for extra cat friends or food and water dishes.  Either way, the raised foundation is a beautiful addition to all CatsPlay cat houses.

Optional Heated Cat Mat

A heated pet pad is absolutely the safest, most reliable and energy efficient method to provide your pet with a comfortable warm environment during the coldest of winters.  Depending on the pad size, the electricity needed to operate the pad is the same as one light bulb (15 to 80 watts).  We recommend that the heated pet pads not be more than half the floor size of the cat or dog house so that the pet can either get off completely or partially as he chooses.  The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desireable 102 degrees when in use.

Depending on the pad size, the electricity needed to operate the pad is the same as one light bulb (15 to 80 watts). We recommend that the heated cat pads not be more than half the floor size of the cat house so that the cat can either get off completely or partially as he chooses. The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desireable 102 degrees when in use. The Hard cat Pad is constructed of rugged ABS Plastic with a 5 1/2 steel wrapped cord and it comes with a removeable washable fleece cover.

When you purchase a heated pad with a cat house, we will prep the house for the electric cord with a bug and moisture resistant hole plug at no charge.

Hard heated pad is 12.5"x18.5"

Soft heated pad is 14"x18"

Optional Seal Safe Door

Any dog or cat house is only as good as its door. No matter what siding, roofing, insulation or flooring materials are utilized, the doorway has to protect the inside of the house from the outside elements.

Our standard .080 vinyl heavy duty flap door comes with every house but due to varying climate conditions in different geographical areas of our nation, not to mention the growing number of Dog Aire air conditioned dog houses sold, we offer an optional upgrade door system to seal the living compartment more effectively.

CatsPlay has been designing and manufacturing dog houses for nearly twenty (20) years. In the past we have sold different brands of "upgraded pet doors" but even though they were better than the standard vinyl flap system, some had shortfalls - they didn't seal efficiently, they had an unnecessary lock system, some had slots cut in the bottom frame that leaked when it rained and some simply cost too much.

After comparing all the different pet door manufacturers and extensively comparing warrantees, air infiltration factors, cold and warm air infusion, pet safety, and appearance, Our Door Company has designed an upgrade pet door specifically for dog houses that surpasses every other door in the market place, bar none!!! It is called Seal Safe, and it is priced better than any competitive door available anywhere.

The sealing system are magnets calibrated for the size of the door. There are no springs or pins that can break and no nylon pile weather stripping that can be chewed by your pet or worn down.

If you live in an area where the winters are excessively cold, or the wind gusts and blowing rain or snow are a factor, of if you are purchasing one of our Dog Aire air conditioned dog houses, the "green" technology of the Seal Safe door will minimize your carbon foot print by lowering the amount of electricity used to cool your pet's house and this door will simply seal off the door opening better than any other brand of door available.

The flap is a thermal plastic polyester scrim fabric with a poly carbonate clear window for light and a poly carbonate chew guard on the bottom. The warranty is one full year for product defects.

Best of all, when you upgrade to a Seal Safeä‹¢ door, your dog or cat house arrives with the door already installed, saving you the time and trouble of putting it in yourself. You can install this door yourself should you already have a CatsPlay pet house.

Optional Heater

The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products is a safe and effective way to heat the living area of the Cool Cedar Cat Cottage. It features a 150 watt, 100 volt heating element that has an incredibly long life and is easily replaceable. The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products comes with a chew proof cord.

When you order The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products with your dog or cat house, We will complete all of the prep work so you can install the heater in just a few minutes.

When purchasing The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products, we highly recommend using only insulated houses and in really cold climates, a seal safe door would be an energy saving investment.

Optional "Peek-a-Boo" Cat House Clean Out Door

With over 25 years in the pet business, we have listened to our customers and now offer an access door.  The "Peek-a-boo" Cat House Clean Out door allows the ability to clean out debris and check on the welfare of your cats, without having to unscrew panels or remove roof sections.


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