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CatsPlay Cat Cottage Triplex is the "cat"s meow" for multiple cat owners. With three separate compartments, this triplex can comfortably house three to six cats, depending on their size. Each unit has a floor size of 20 x 19 and the "upper suite" features a lounging ledge (which also serves as a weather shelter for the bottom two door entrances). The round doors come with vinyl flaps installed.
To compliment the Cat Cottage even further, we have designed an optional Platform that elevates the house 12 inches off the ground. The platform legs are 3x3 pressure treated so they will never rot with ground contact or exposure to the weather. Due to their thick size and weight, they will be more stable in high winds and have less tendency to warp or twist. The nice thing about the Cottage Platform are the two decks. The front deck is 8" inches deep and the rear deck is 4 1/2 inches deep, so no matter what time of the day it is, there is shade on one side or the other.
The Raised Foundation option is a sturdy floor that the Cottage can set on with enough room for a nice size front deck (12" x 41"). The Cat Cottage Raised Foundation option even accommodates the Platform to provide even more room for cat partying or food and water dishes.
CatsPlay has spent a great deal of time designing this triplex not only to make it quite functional for cats, but we believe that we have created one of the coolest looking cat houses in the market place. It comes in 5 preassembled panels, predrilled for easy assembly.
House Size: 38" wide x 20" deep x 38" high*
Door Opening: 6 inch round
Comes completely Insulated


We want you to know that the entire dog or cat house will be insulated.  Our insulation is made in the USA and is a certified "green" product. It is called LOW E reflective insulation.  Most manufacturers of dog houses are spouting out R-Value numbers and frankly most of them don"t even know what an R Value is.  R-Value is the resistance to conductive heat flow.  In dog houses, conduction is only 3 to 7 % of heat loss due to the small size of the cavity.

The biggest heat loss (during winter) and the largest heat gain (during summer) for dog houses is not a conductive factor but a radiation loss/gain through infrared radiation.  Rather than getting into a scientific, hard to understand dissertation, simply think of it like a thermos bottle.  It keeps cold things cold and hot things hot with a shallow reflective aluminum barrier.  That is precisely what CatsPlay LOW E reflective insulation does for a pet house.  You may refer to our website"s LOW E link.

LOW E is a Class A, Class I fire rated insulation made of pure reflective aluminum on both sides with a layer of closed cell polyethylene in the middle. It is non toxic and does not become brittle, crack, flake, or collapse  with age.

A light weight mahogany plywood liner protects the inner cavity insulation from pet damage, ensuring long term durability.

Optional Porch & Deck

Give your cat house more character while providing your cat with a great place to relax in the shade! A porch and deck system also provides a superior way to protect the doorway from the elements.

Optional Raised Foundation

The raised foundation for the cat houses is made of full sized frame members (2" x 3"). The posts (3" x 3") and the frame members are lifetime pressure treated lumber for outdoor exposure and ground contact. The decking is western red cedar planking which really compliments the cedar cat houses.

The raised foundation is large enough to accompany the cat house and still provide a front deck area. It can easily accommodate the cat house platform system which opens up another tier area for extra cat friends or food and water dishes.  Either way, the raised foundation is a beautiful addition to all CatsPlay cat houses.

Optional Heated Cat Mat

A heated pet pad is absolutely the safest, most reliable and energy efficient method to provide your pet with a comfortable warm environment during the coldest of winters.  Depending on the pad size, the electricity needed to operate the pad is the same as one light bulb (15 to 80 watts).  We recommend that the heated pet pads not be more than half the floor size of the cat or dog house so that the pet can either get off completely or partially as he chooses.  The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desireable 102 degrees when in use.

The Cat Pad - indoor or outdoor - a small 9x12 inch pad that beautifully fits in our 17" and 20" cat House and the Cat Cottage Triplex.  It is a hard ABS Plastic pad so as to resist claws and chewing.  The first 18 inches of the power cord are steel wrapped for added protection. The 9x12 pad comes with a soft weave pad cover that allows the warmth to easily radiate through to your cat. The pad cover is removable and washable.  When you purchase a heated pad with a dog or cat house, CatsPLay will prep the house for the electric cord with a bug and moisture resistant hole plug at no charge.


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