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Amish Made Corner Cat Litterbox Cabinet

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Say goodbye to the one problem that cat owners can't avoid - the litter box. This gorgeous Amish handcrafted Corner Cat Litter Cabinet is an elegant solution to an unelegant problem!

This beautiful wooden curio table fits into your corner and inside is a cat litter-box enclosure. It's a great idea for any household, but especially for those living in apartments where space is a premium.

Your cat can enter the litterbox through a door in the front of the table, and all of the litter mess is kept inside, all in privacy!

The unit has a large hinged door to make cleaning simple, and comes witih a perfectly fitting plastic litter pan for easy cleanup.

Choose from a large selection of stains and two different types of wood to customize your own personalized choices.

Constructed of solid oak or maple wood.

Choose from 16 different stains.


31"W x 23"L x 22"H

OPENING 7" W BY 7.5" H

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