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Tunnel Feeder Toy for Cats

Tunnel Feeder Toy for Cats

Cats are frisky and inquisitive animals.  Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with TRIXIEís Tunnel Feeder for Cats.

Simply fill with small, hard treats and watch your cat play

Treats released into 6 tunnels as cat pokes, scoops and jabs

Adjustable level of output to vary how quickly treats are released

  • Can also be used as a daily feeder
  • Instructional booklet with tips and tricks to stimulate your catís sense of curiosity through play (included)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One year warranty
  • Color: blue, white
  • Dimensions:  11î W x 11î D x 5.5î H
  • Weight:  1 pound
  • Materials:  plastic, rubber

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