Outdoor (or Indoor) Cedar Cat or Pet Ramp

New       SHIPS FREE Outdoor (or Indoor) Cedar Cat or Pet Ramp

An effortless fix for pet doors set too high, or for any elevated spot needing a short incline, like a step, ledge, or barrier. Crafted from cedar, the Wedge Ramp is perfect for outdoor settings. It features a gentle 22-degree incline, ensuring an easy ascent, and its surface is equipped with a Grit Strip for extra grip. Safety rails, standing 1 1/2" tall, line both sides for added security. For pets requiring a stable landing spot at a pet door, an additional platform option extends a flat 11" surface at the ramp's peak.

These ramps are ready to use straight from the box, with no assembly needed.

Constructed from durable cedar that naturally withstands the elements, these ramps are left untreated to attain a soft gray patina over time, though they can also be painted, sealed, or stained to preference.

Available in three heights:

  • 6" height (12.25" length)
  • 9" height (19.75" length)
  • 12" height (27.25" length)

The platform version extends the length by an additional 11".

Choose from two widths:

  • 12" or 18" wide.

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