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Iceland 65 inch Kitty Gym

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The 'Iceland' Cat Tree greatest feature is the bottom house/cubby.  It measures at 24" wide, 24" long and 20 inches high.  It is covered with sisal board all along the 4 walls and has its own detachable 2" plush pillow.  With 2 large hammocks, 9 thick scratching posts and a 2" thick rope, this cat tree has everything your fur baby needs in a home.

'Iceland' cat tree offers 5" thick posts compared to our 3" post and has larger baskets at 18 inches compared to our other models with a 12 inch basket.


Scratching Post: Anyone who owns a cat knows that they love scratching things, especially furniture! Cat Trees with sisal scratching posts give your cat a place to scratch, sharpen their claws, and exercise.

 Bedroom: Your cat likes nothing more than a place to call home. The bedroom offers a nice enclosure where your cat feels safe to snuggle up and take naps in.

Platforms: Platforms on cat furniture allow your cat to lie down and relax. Sometimes they even prefer sleeping on the platform rather than in the enclosed bedroom.

Multi-Levels: Cat Trees with more than one level fill your cat’s instinct to climb. Cats climb because they feel safer on a higher place away from other animals, such as dogs.

Dimensions: 24"24"x65"

Weight: 85 pounds

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