Edison Modern Wooden Cat Scratcher

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No matter how well groomed Fluffy is or how avid a nail-clipper you are, cats’ claws need to be filed daily (if you haven’t noticed this yet, just ask your sofa and rugs). This is why every kitty castle needs some form of cat scratching post, but the Edison cat scratch pad is more than just a utilitarian tool to shield your fabrics from your playful kitty’s formidable claws; it’s as chic as the fab furniture you’re protecting.

Far from the throwaways you’ll find elsewhere, the cardboard cat scratcher housed in Edison's modern pinewood frame is refillable, and you can grab refills HERE.  Edison's pads are rounded to eliminate sharp edges and its adjustable frame supports three positions to satisfy every cat from Lazy Lucy, who needs to nap on a level surface between scratches, to Brave Bella, who prefers an alpine style of scratchy climb. Average Andy will appreciate the middle-incline position (as if any cat could be called “average.”)

 WHY buy this cat scratcher?

  • Sturdy Pinewood frame supports cats of all sizes
  • Refillable scratch pads prolong your investment
  • In any position, Emory looks more like art than toy
  • Easy, quick assembly for both initial setup and refills
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee


Features & Details


Refillable cardboard cat scratcher with a sturdy pinewood frame

MaterialsPinewood and cardboard
Pet SizeSuitable for cats of all sizes
Dimensions & Weight 21.5" x 13"
AssemblyEasy, 10 minute assembly

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