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Claw Care Dual Cat Scratching Pad

New Claw Care Dual Cat Scratching Pad

The Claw-Care DUAL Scratching Pad is thoughtfully put together with your cat’s actual needs and tendencies in mind! We really emphasize nurturing the Feline’s health and well-being over other considerations.

The DUAL provides two surfaces; the “Pad” for their basic claw maintenance and the “Plank” for that satisfying, comforting feel of real wood.

The pad utilizes the most beneficial surface materials made that offers resistance for sheath removal and is somewhat abrasive to sharpen as well as wear down their claw tips.

We intentionally made the pad Ultra-Durable.

Designed for minimal mess in a beautiful inconspicuous piece of floor furniture. Its well-built  classic appearance will go with any decor. And also, thee is no residue for your cat to ingest!

The Claw-Care DUAL scratching Pad is designed to enhance & satisfy your kitty’s natural instinct to scratch.

With it’s flat, heavy configuration your cat can comfortably & securely get on it and wail away.

We’ve learned with over thirty years of observation that most cats don’t like to scratch at a 90 degree angle. They are most happy with a less steep incline. With the “Adjustable Angle” option (sold separately), your kitty can scratch to their heart’s content at their most comfortable, preferred position. The Claw-Care Scratching Post Angle Adjust Base’s unique design allows you to have the option to tailor it to your feline friend’s liking by simply adjusting the angle of the pad to the floor.

  • Two surfaces; the Pad and the Plank.
  • Designed to withstand generations of feline torture.
  • The Claw-Care has a replaceable Long-lasting, non-mess producing Scratch Pad insert (unlike cardboard or sisal rope)
  • The Quality Appearance is derived from REAL WOOD materials and looks beautiful on your floor
  • The surface is irresistible to cats for clawing activities.
  • The Pad is made from specially selected materials available in Three colors to match your decor or your kitty’s desire
  • Stable, secure surface gives them confidence to yank as hard as they want!

Length – 21-1/4″

Width – 11-1/2″

Tall – 1-3/4″

Weight – approx. 7 Lbs

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