Why Cat Furniture?

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As you consider the possibilities for providing a climbing, playing and lounging space for your cat, consider enhancing their environment with one or more pieces of cat furniture.  Here are some of the many benefits that cat furniture can provide:
Scratching Opportunities

Choose cat furniture with sisal rope posts to provide your cat the opportunity to scratch somewhere other than *your* furniture!  Cats need to scratch to remove dead outer layers from their claws, and also to instinctively "mark" their territory.

Most cats enjoy observing their world from high vantage points.  This is in large part due to their instinct to protect themselves, and an elevated position for sleeping and playing allows them to spot potential dangers around them.  This harkens back to their ancestry as hunters, retreating from larger predators. Supporting this instinct by providing vertical perching spots on cat trees and kitty gyms and towers provides cats a sense of security and safety.

Especially in multi-cat homes, vantage points on cat trees allow cats to increase their territory, and helps them to establish social hierarchy by occupying space at different levels.   Providing climbing spaces and perching spots helps reduce cat-to-cat conflicts and provides a sense of security for more timid cats.

Providing a floor-based cat furniture or a wall-based cat shelf system encourages your cat to engage in physical activity, climbing and play, helping them to stay mentally enriched and healthy.  In addition to being great entertainment for your cat, you will also be entertained by watching your cat climb and play!
Decorative and Custom

Use your creativity to customize your cat furniture selections to compliment and coordinate to your home’s déco.  Choose from a wide variety of styles – wooden, carpet, canvas, and more – in your choice of colors.

Start small and build your system over time!  You can always order additional components to expand your cat’s world.

"This tree is worth EVERY Penny. Cats gravitate to this tree like a bee on honey. It is so strong, sturdy and solid. As a Breeder I have had MANY trees over the years. None even come close to the quality of Trees and Condo's I have purchased from this company. They are superior in EVERY Way....""
-- Joan 


2 Comment(s)

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I must say, the Journal Blog is a fantastic addition to an already outstanding theme. Keep up the good work guys, it's amazing what you come up with for the Opencart community.

03/03/2020, 12:40:53 PM

I have been searching for custom cat trees that might work for the confined space in my RV..doesnt seem like there are any resources out there for custom cat trees for RVs I have alot of ideas just dont have the time or space to build and try out. Something you might want to look into because alot of people travel with their pets. I know this because where i live (RV Park) people vacation often arriving in high end living quarters such as Bus type RVs and fifth wheels at and were often booked solid being walking distance to beach and we have dedicated dog area for pups to releive themselves.

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