Different Types of Cat Furniture

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If you’re considering buying cat furniture, there are many different types of products available to you.   In this article we'll explore the different types of cat furniture, and the benefits of each of these styles.


Cat Trees


Cat trees are vertical play structures in the moderate height range.  Cat trees typically provide one or more lounging or laying spots, as well as posts which can usually be optionally wrapped in sisal rope, creating a scratch post for your cat.  Well-made cat trees are designed with a cat’s climbing path in mind, creating a route that cats can easily manage to reach the top of the tree.  We offer carpeted cat trees, wooden cat trees and faux fur cat trees..

"My husband and I could not be more happy with our new cat tree. We have two Maine Coons and have looked for months for a window perch large and strong enough to accommodate both of them. This one is perfect! They both love it and play and lounge on it all the time. Thank you so much!" 
-- Elaine


Cat Gyms


Cat Gyms are similar to cat trees but they are our larger units, some reaching more than eight feet tall!  Cat gyms usually provide even more lounge space, and are a great option for multiple cat families.  Cat gyms, because of their size, may combine multiple enclosed and open spaces for your cats to enjoy climbing, playing, lounging and scratching!

"Really well built, Easy to put together. My cat absolutely loves this cat tree, she has slept on every avalible space and loves to be so high up. I would definitely recommend." 
-- Devin


Cat Condos


Cat condos are cat furniture that provides one or more enclosed spaces, providing your cat a safe haven for relaxing.  Cat condos are great for cats who may be nervous or shy, or who just enjoy feeling safe and secure.  Condos come in a variety of styles, some rounded and some more rectangular or square.  While other styles of cat furniture such as trees and gyms may have an enclosed component, items in our Cat Condo category have an enclosed area as their main feature.


"The cats and I like this large condo. It doesn't tip, provides hiding spaces plus a safe place to snooze. It is also attractive and fits well in the living room. " 
-- Ann


Window Cat Shelves


Cat shelves that attach to windows are a fantastic way to provide your indoor cat a great view of the outdoor world.  Our window perches easily attach to most types of windows, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Consider an extra large perch that accommodates multiple cats, so that they can watch the birds and wildlife outside their window together!


"Fabulous window perch.  Very heavy duty and will last for many years.   I have a newly adopted cat and bought the tub type perch and she loves it.   Wouldn't even consider buying a  window perch from anywhere else.   This company knows how to build quality cat items!  Thank you." 
-- Darlene


Cat Wall Shelves


Wall mounted cat climbing systems are the latest innovation in cat furniture.  Wall-based cat shelves are a great space-saving option for apartment dwellers or for anyone who is interested in providing their cats a vertical playground!  Cat wall shelves, like cat furniture, comes in a variety of styles and materials, including carpeted, wood, plush, and more.


"I love these shelves because they look great in my house, while still allowing my cats to run up into their hiding spot :)" 
-- Taylor


Cat Scratching Posts


Scratching posts are important for cats, providing them their own area to stretch, scratch, and remove dead outer layers from their claws.  We offer both carpeted and sisal rope scratching posts, as different cats prefer different surfaces.  Providing ample scratching opportunities to your cat will help to prevent them from scratching your furniture.


"Carpet Cat Scratcher - HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product! It is well made and lasts! It's made of wood, not cardboard like other companies sell. You will not be disappointed in this product!" 
-- Susan


Cat Steps


Cat steps are an excellent aide for elderly cats who may need assistance reaching higher areas, such as beds, window shelves, etc.  We offer steps in a variety of sizes and materials that can make reaching higher spots more comfortable and attainable for cats who arent able to jump and climb.


"I have tried several pet steps but these are by far the best in both quality of construction and function. Because of the enclosed sides they have helped my cat’s confidence and she immediately took to using them right away. I am very satisfied with this purchase." 
-- Karen


Cat Beds


Your cat needs his or her own soft, comfortable cat bed!  Plush cat beds provide comfort, warmth and a sense of security to the cats in your household.  Cats love to curl up in soft, cushy beds.


"This is the best cat carrier / cat bed ever! My cats love it, I love it, my vet loves it! The problem with standard soft carriers is that the walls collapse on the beloved animal companion inside. These carriers have supported walls that keep a nice open cavity for your animal companion to curl up in." 
-- Violet




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Patricia Maurath:
09/02/2020, 08:12:09 PM

I recently received the 48 " hollow tree. My cat absolutely loves it. And I love watching her play on it and in it. Never a better "toy" for a cat.

Annie Carter:
02/20/2022, 02:07:15 PM

I can't wait to get my order! I got the pagoda cat tree to go with my Japanese named 6 month old kittens- Miss Tokyo and her huge brother Godzilla! He is already twice her size and really fits his name. I bought them a cat tree that is falling apart and found CatsPlay is solid wood, hurrah!

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