The Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch - a Favorite Lounge Spot for Cats

Posted by Amy 08/04/2020 0 Comment(s)

Is your cat a bird-watcher?  Does he or she love to look out over the outdoors?
The Tub Sleeper Window Perch is purr-fect way to provide your cat great mental stimulation of the outside world. This comfortable, roomy cat perch mounts in seconds on most any opening windows (with or without a sill) and since it is not screwed into your window can be moved easily to any window in your home. Our mounting system makes it safe and secure.
Your pets will enjoy hours bird watching, people watching or just napping in their favorite sunny spot!
If you have a solid pane window we can modify it to work there as well. Please contact us for more details before ordering.