Go Vertical with Cat Wall Shelf Systems

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As you consider the possibilities for providing a climbing, playing and lounging space for your cat, wall-based cat climbing systems are an exciting new option.  Here are some of the benefits of creating a vertical environment for your cat:


Space Saving

Traditional cat trees and towers can take up precious floor space.  Moving towards a wall-mounted system of shelves is especially helpful for apartment-dwellers or homes with smaller rooms.  Cats can be provided an excellent climbing environment without sacrificing square footage.



Most cats enjoy observing their world from high vantage points.  This is in large part due to their instinct to protect themselves, and an elevated position for sleeping and playing allows them to spot potential dangers around them.  This harkens back to their ancestry as hunters, retreating from larger predators. Supporting this instinct by providing vertical perching spots provides cats a sense of security and safety.



Especially in multi-cat homes, a wall-based environment allows cats to increase their territory, and helps them to establish social hierarchy by occupying space at different levels.   Providing a vertical territory helps reduce cat-to-cat conflicts and provides a sense of security for more timid cats.



Providing a wall-based cat shelf system encourages your cat to engage in physical activity, climbing and play, helping them to stay mentally enriched and healthy.  In addition to being great entertainment for your cat, you will also be entertained by watching your cat climb and play up high!


Decorative and Custom

You can create a cat wall system that compliments and coordinates your home’s décor using our customization options.  Choose from a wide variety of styles – wooden, carpet, canvas, and more – in your choice of colors.



Start small and build your system over time!  You can always order additional components to expand your cat’s wall climbing system.


"My cats love their wall climbers. They now have 3 out of 4 walls done with different wall climbers.  Highly recommend getting these for your cats!  They will love you for it.  Easy to install."
-- Jody 


If you’re considering a cat wall system, there are many different types of products available to you.   Below we'll explore the different types of cat wall shelves, and the benefits of each of these styles.


Carpeted Cat Wall Shelves


We offer a large variety of cat wall shelves and climbing components that are covered entirely in carpeting.   These high-quality components have solid wood or industrial strength underlying bases and are covered in plush, household grade cut-pile non-loop carpeting.  Choose from a wide variety of carpet colors to match your home’s décor, and provide your cat a comfortable, cushy vertical world for lounging and climbing.



  • Plush, comfortable
  • Color choices allows coordination with your carpet and room color scheme
"I ordered a cat cup some months back in hopes my cat would like it. Here I am now looking at him in it nearly every night. He loves it so much! I'm so glad I got it! Easy to hang and feels strong and sturdy when mounted on the wall." 
-- Leah


Wooden Cat Wall Shelves


If you are seeking a more traditional style of cat wall shelf, consider a selection from our wooden cat shelves.  Whether you prefer a rustic style shelf system to match your decor, or perhaps a contemporary curved shelf, you'll be sure to find something to your AND your cat's liking!  We do offer custom made shelves that allow you to pick a stain color of your choice, to more closely compliment your home.



  • Blends well with wooden furniture
  • Your choice of stain color
"Beautiful cat shelves.  My husband installed them quite easily, and he's pretty handy, and I didn't hear any complaints or issues.  We coaxed our 16 year old cat up there with a brush as she loves to be pet and brushed.  She's too old to be making huge leaps, and she won't stop climbing or attempting to get up high.  They work very well and I would purchase them again." 
-- Jen


Window Cat Shelves


Cat shelves that attach to windows are a fantastic way to provide your indoor cat a great view of the outdoor world.  Our window perches easily attach to most types of windows, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Consider an extra large perch that accommodates multiple cats, so that they can watch the birds and wildlife outside their window together!



  • Gives cats a great vantage point of the outside world, reducing boredom
  • A variety of styles to match your decor
"Fabulous window perch.  Very heavy duty and will last for many years.   I have a newly adopted cat and bought the tub type perch and she loves it.   Wouldn't even consider buying a  window perch from anywhere else.   This company knows how to build quality cat items!  Thank you." 
-- Darlene


Novelty Cat Wall Shelves


Do you have the perfect space for a cat wall system that's more whimsical and unusual?  We offer a number of novelty cat wall shelves that include shelves accented with natural looking silk leaves, or shelves that are in the shape of a cat paw, to name a few.  Your cats will enjoy these fun and functional novelty items.



  • Brings a sense of fun and interest
  • Leaf accents give your cat the feeling of a real tree
"I love these shelves because they look great in my house, while still allowing my cats to run up into their hiding spot :)" 
-- Taylor


Outdoor Cat Wall Shelves


The latest edition to our collection of cat wall shelves are perches and ramps that are intended for outdoor use.  Yes, these components can be mounted right on the side of a house or structure, and allow outdoor cats to climb, play and lounge comfortably!  Made from solid cedar.



  • Great enrichment for outdoor cats
  • High quality cedar will withstand the elements
"My outdoor cat LOVEs these shelves! My indoor cat and my outdoor cat checked it out on the very first day!" 
-- Judy





3 Comment(s)

07/07/2019, 08:19:18 AM

Do you have a catalogue from which I can order?

Peggy Lewy:
11/07/2019, 04:49:36 PM

Edition = addition

04/23/2020, 09:56:03 AM

Are there wooden wall units where one can replace the carpet? I have 6 cats, who are quite hard on the carpet and I would want to replace the carpet as it gets torn up. Also 2 of my cats are very large and need larger platforms and edges so they don't roll off. What would you suggest? Thanks

Kate Chodor:
06/14/2020, 07:56:27 PM

Go to Etsy.com, search on 'cat furnuture' and you'll find a wealth of truly expert artisans who are more than willing to customize their products for you. I know because my kitty has a damaged front paw (from neglect and abuse prior to my adoption of him) and I wanted larger size steps to make sure his climb was safe. I found a California artisan who makes steps that are 12 x 12".

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