CatsPlay Signature Line Cat Furniture

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CatsPlay Signature Cat Furniture Line


Purchasing a piece of cat furniture can be an overwhelming experience, and without some knowledge and planning, an uninformed purchase may soon be regretted.


Cats need a place to call their own, and investing in a piece of quality cat furniture provides your cat’s daily life with enrichment and a spot that’s “their own”.  Well-designed cat furniture that uses thoughtful design, taking into consideration a cat’s ability (and limitations) to jump and climb will allow your cat to ascend effortlessly, lounge comfortably and play and scratch in a satisfying way.


CatsPlay’s Signature Cat Furniture Line


CatsPlay’s Signature Cat Furniture Line is our highest quality “showpiece” line of cat furniture.  Designed by our staff who have been building cat furniture for more than 30 years, the quality is unsurpassed in the industry.  Its intelligent design considers the way that cats maneuver and our cat trees, cat gyms, and cat wall climbing systems provide multiple easy-to-navigate “climb paths” that complement cats of all ages and agility levels.


Quality Matters – You Get What You Pay For


As an informed shopper, you have no doubt browsed the many websites selling cat furniture.  Much of what is offered in today’s marketplace is mass-produced, often overseas, with sub-par materials such as MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), faux fur fabric covering, and sometimes shoddy craftsmanship. 


While the appeal of this type of cat furniture is typically its low price, the life of such cat furniture is usually short.  Faux fur loses its sheen and shreds relatively quickly with normal cat usage.  The overall construction of these budget-oriented cat trees is far less sturdy and long-lasting than solid wood construction.



Sturdy Solid Wood Cat Furniture


Custom Constructed to Last a Lifetime


Our Signature Cat Furniture Line is not mass produced.  Rather, it is custom-built here in the USA based on your carpet color selection and configuration choices such as sisal rope additions (for scratching).   The sturdy frame of all of our Signature Line Cat Furniture is solid wood – Douglas Fir obtained from the center of the fir tree, 2.5” x 3.5” inches.  Solid as a rock! 


While our custom build process and high quality materials may require a slightly higher investment than run-of-the mill cat furniture, our Signature Line, cat trees, cat gyms, and cat towers are constructed to last a lifetime – a wise dollar investment!  No need to replace an ugly, worn-out cat tree after a year!


Additionally, nowhere else can you find the level of customization that we offer.  Our Signature Line Cat Furniture is hand-covered in residential-grade plush carpeting, and many pieces on the line come in your choice of an incredible 13 different carpet colors.  All areas, inside AND outside, are carpet-covered, leaving no harsh or uncomfortable surfaces (again much different than “run of the mill” cat furniture).


Carpeted Cat Furniture in your choice of carpet color


Exclusive – Available Only from CatsPlay


Many pieces in our Signature Cat Furniture Line are exclusive and only sold by us.  Accept no imitations!  


Our custom-build process doesn’t require a long wait, either.  Your cat furniture order will leave our warehouse and be on its way to you within two weeks of your order date!


Order yours today and allow your cat to join the tens of thousands of happy cats whose lives are enriched daily with their Signature Line CatsPlay Cat Furniture.    Look for the "Signature Quality" badges throughout our site, or click here to browse the entire CatsPlay Signature Line Cat Furniture collection.