Cat Furniture Solutions for Apartments and Small Spaces

Posted by Amy 07/12/2016 3 Comment(s)


CatsPlay offers cat furniture solutions for apartment dwellers with limited available space. Compact cat trees and, in particular, wall mounted cat climbing systems are a great solution for small spaces, and are becoming more and more popular among cat owners


Cats have a natural love of being up high and being able to survey their surroundings.  Wall mounted cat shelves and wall mounted cat condos arranged on a wall in tiered or well-thought-out manner can allow your cats to be up high and have a place to lounge, without taking up valuable floor space!


CatsPlay offers a variety of cat trees and gyms that have a small footprint but great climbing room.  The Hollywood Franklin floor-to-ceiling cat tower, pictured at right, is a great example of a sleek, modern, compact design that blends beautifully into its surrounding but provides excellent climbing space for your cats.  The cat tree can be easily moved within minutes to a different location within your house or the balcony to offer your cats exciting new experiences.



In addition to wall mounted cat climbing systems, all cat furniture listed on CatsPlay provides the dimensions of the piece, allowing you to determine if the piece will fit into the space that you have in mind. 


Shown at left is one of our modular cat tree configurations, which is multi-functional, modular & versatile. It can be changed up in endless new combinations and formations, providing new play and scratch options so that your cat won’t get bored, and that will fit nicely into tight spots in your home, apartment, or other small space.

3 Comment(s)

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Jenny rivers:
03/10/2020, 03:37:48 AM

Hello .I am.looking for safe stairs and perch for my super hypoallergenic kittens to mount on my wall..I know pine is toxic to cats so I am looking for a material that is non toxic and safe for them you have any products that might work for them

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I like it because its very helpful for me thanks for sharing this type of info.

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