SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

A fun place for your cat"s toys ? now includes a free toy (2 balls)!

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy wood construction and cat-friendly design will provide your cat with years of enjoyment.
  • Since cats are natural predators, they love to hunt! The toy box allows cats to "capture" their toys by fishing them out of strategically placed access holes.
  • Indoor-only cats have a special need for stimulating activities that will keep them mentally and physically fit.

  • When interactive play with the owner is not possible, your smart cat needs suitable toys for solo play.

  • For food-motivated cats, drop kitty treats into the toy box for your cat to retrieve and eat.
    Bored cats are unhappy cats and are prone to stress-related behavior problems. Beat the kitty blahs with a SmartCat? "Peek a Prize" toy box.

SmartCat? Tip:

Use caution when selecting toys to use with this toy box. Keep safety in mind. If the toy is one you would not give to a child that is 3 years of age or younger, don"t give it to your cat! It should be free of small parts that could come off and be accidentally swallowed.

Optional Extra Toys:


  • Jo Jingles
    • Three Internal Rattles
    • Fuzzy mouse toy rattles and rolls to keep your cat pouncing.
    • Jo?s three rattles, soft fur, and colorful ears and tail are sure to get your cat?s attention!
    • $3.95


  • Eddie Eraser? (2-pack)
    • Eraser Material Attracts Claws
    • Cute mouse toy is made of eraser material -- perfect for cats to bat around or sink their claws into!
    • Eddie?s red ears and rope tail are solidly attached for long-lasting play.
    • $2.95


  • Replacement Balls for Peek-a-Prize? (3-pack)
    • Replacement Balls for the SmartCat? Peek-a-Prize Toy Box
    • Perfect soft, colorful balls to entertain your cat for hours.
    • Works great with the SmartCat? Peek-a-Prize Toy Box.
    • $1.95
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