Kittywalk Curves

Kittywalk Curves
  • Available as a set of 2 curves or a set of 4 curves
  • Each Section is 24 Inches Tall, 18 Inches Wide and 24 Inches Long
  • Works alone or joins 2 Kittywalks together at an angle
  • 2 curves make 90 degrees
  • 4 curves make 180 degrees
  • Will not harm your grass
  • Works with most pet doors

Kittywalk Curves provide angles to navigate Kittywalk around common backyard obstacles. Adds interest to your cat"s outside fun. Made of rip-stop collapsible netting and a metal frame.
Set of two make a 90∞ angle and contains 2 curves and one door. The set of four makes a 180∞ angle and contains 4 curves, 2 doors and a travel bag.

If your indoor cat is an outdoor cat at heart, Kittywalk is the perfect environment for your cat to feel safe, outdoors! Each season Kittywalk allows your cat a birds-eye view of the great outdoors in a safe, roomy and secure environment. Ends can be hinged together to attach additional Kittywalks providing your cat with more area in which to romp-without threat of escape.

Kittywalk has a revolutionary design that is convenient for boaters, campers and RV enthusiasts. Easy to deploy; even a child can erect it or take it down in minutes. When stowed away, a ten-foot long Kittywalk compacts to a size less than a collapsible beach chair.

Kittywalk is sturdy, lightweight and portable in design, and does not harm grass. It can easily be moved from place to place when it comes time to mowing the Deck & Patio or when a change of scenery is desired.

With Kittywalk your cat can safely enjoy the great outdoors!


  • Cat can relax in the fresh air
  • Eat grass
  • Chase bugs
  • Watch birds
  • Exercise
  • Enjoy the sunshine

How it"s made:
Weather resistant Kittywalk is made of sturdy industrial strength fishnet, weaved to a metal hoop shaped wicket that easily stakes firmly into the ground. The rip stop netting and durable metal wickets will withstand many pounds of pressure without breaking or bending. Kittywalk will endure rain or shine--from summer to winter--without rust, rot or mildew. Easily attaches to indoor/outdoor pet doors so your cat can go outside at will, without the risk of unwanted visitors entering your home.

With Kittywalk your cat can safely enjoy the great outdoors!

Optional Outdoor Protective Covers

Made from sturdy oxford fabric with paracord ties at the bottom, these covers will extend the life of your Kittywalk outdoor products, allow you to keep them outdoors all year round, and prevent any unwanted animals from getting in.

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