Wall Mounted Cat Tunnel

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Product Code: 160-TVC-126
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Look at this awesome new addition to our Wall Climbing System for Cats! Our Cat Tunnel provides a cozy nook for your cats to hide in, with landing strips on either side of the tunnel for ease of jumping and landing. Now your kitty can survey his or her domain in style!

Painted tunnels are made from birch veneer plywood, and stained tunnels are made from oak veneer plywood.
The peek out hole on the front of the Tunnel comes in different shapes, including a Cat Face, a Circle, and a tilted Balloon shape that faces right or left. 
Our Cat Tunnel is 35"W x 16"H x 11-1/2"D, with 9" landing strips on the side. Cats can sit up or stretch out in the roomy box, which is 17"W x 15"H x 11"D.
It can hold up to four cats!
Or, choose our Big Cat Tunnel which is approximately 48 inches wide!
The eco-friendly SmartStrand® carpet insert comes in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Slate Gray, Off White and Off Black. It's secured with hook and loop (aka Velcro®!), and can be removed for cleaning or replacement. 
The Cat Tunnel comes in two pieces and needs simple assembly. Wall mounting anchors are included.
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  • $160.00

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