Easy Opening Cat Litter Box

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The world's only seamless front entry cat litter box. Flip once to scoop, twice to empty.

The first cat box convertible
The Easy Opening Litter Box gets its name from its hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. Flip the lid once for daily scooping, flip twice for more thorough clean-ups. There is no clumsy removal of a large hood as Flip provides unfettered access from above. The top mounted lid results in a full height base, which creates a seamless, liquid tight enclosure. It houses the liner and its contents neatly inside for a tidy litter containment solution. Flip's minimal design and matte white finish will complement any environment.
What's the scoop?
Our thoughtfully designed the Litter Scoop has a flat front edge and angled basket to effortlessly reach every crevice. It hangs neatly on either side for convenient storage and access. With all of this attention to detail, did you think we'd let you drop the scoop on the floor?
Now that's neat
Constructed of a single, seamless, coated sheet of recycled paper board, the paper Liner is liquid tight, scratch-resistant and lasts up to a month. Simply unfold, drop inside and secure with the included liner band. Every box comes with two liners for up to two months of use.
Size matters
Thwe box is 16.75" tall, 20.5" deep, 15.75" wide and the entry opening is 8" wide. The interior is large enough for the average cat to comfortably turn around inside and do their digging.

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Bought the Flip because of its clean modern design and the feature that the top flips open for ease of cleaning. Now after utilizing it for several months I find there are problems with the liners (the company is redesigning them) so we needed to purchase standard liners. Secondly, the plastic is not strong enough and if your cat (ours weighs about 12 lbs) sit on top of the box it deforms and in our case the "flip" portion fell into the litter box and now it cannot be used. A good idea but not well executed however since then they have solved both problems and have offered to send me the correct liners and a new lid.

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