CatastrophiCreations Burlap Covered Cat Shelf

Price: $30.00
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Product Code: 203-0000000030
Availability: Custom made in 3-5 business days

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The top of each shelf has multiple layers of burlap, so that cats can climb on them and jump around the wall with ease. It's a great way for your cats to reach higher shelves or just to stretch on after a long nap.

We have 12" and 18" lengths. Each shelf is 1.5" tall and 9.25" wide. You pick the Stain choice and Size and Burlap color you would like.

The 12" and 18" shelves have two brackets: One mounted into a stud and the other mounted into drywall with anchors, which are included.

The pictured shelf is Stained White and is covered in brown burlap.

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  • $30.00
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    I purchased four 10 inch, four 12 inch and one 18 inch shelf and I'm very happy with the quality and looks of the product. These shelves with the burlap cover give my cats (with claws) a better platform to jump onto. I have a six month old cat who will not jump onto a plain board shelf that is 18 inches away but instead, will jump 42 inches to the burlap shelf. Having a fabric for their claws gives the cats more of a secure feeling when jumping either in an up or sideways direction.

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