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Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch - FLASH SALE -

SALE       SHIPS FREE Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch - FLASH SALE -

One of a kind FLASH SALE -  This Tub Sleeper Window Perch normally $96.99 is at a one time Flash Sale price of $76.99! That's $20 off and Free Shipping!! Only 1 available in Lt Green carpeting .  Once these item sells, no more at this deep discount price. 

The Tub Sleeper Window Perch is purr-fect for those lazy sunny days. Mounts in seconds  in the track of most any opening window (with or without a sill) and since it is not screwed into your window can be moved easily to any window in your home. Our mounting system makes it safe and secure. Your pets will enjoy hours bird watching, people watching
or just napping in their favorite sunny spot!!

Easy assembly required.

17" inside diameter
4" sides


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Made in the USA

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