CatastrophiCreations Thunderdome - Wall Mounted Cat Hammock Activity Center

CatastrophiCreations  Thunderdome - Wall Mounted Cat Hammock Activity Center

-Massive all-in-one cat complex
-Keep your cats from scratching your furniture by giving them some of their own
-Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
-Sturdy, tested to hold 62 lbs per hammock, and 85 lbs per wooden piece
-Beautiful, large, and sleek design

The Thunderdome is one of our largest complexes; it includes a 4-ft tall Vertical Sisal Pole, two Floating Sisal Posts and six hammock lounging areas. This play structure is great for homes with multiple cats, because it has many different pathways to climb up and back down the wall. These extra pathways can help avoid conflicts between cats by giving them each enough space to walk around each other as they traverse the complex.

This piece will bring out the wild side of your cats with its many levels to climb and perch on. The two Floating Sisal Posts give cats a fun way to climb up to the top, and give the complex a cool look. Our cats sometimes climb up the entire 4 feet in one go, and other times, when they"re in a frisky mood, they launch themselves from the Floating Posts to halfway up the pole. This complex has everything active cats need to exert their energy, as well as many lounging spots to rest on when playtime is over. 

With the complex being made up of a lot of smaller pieces, installation is fairly simple. Having sisal pieces around our home has completely stopped our cats from scratching our furniture; itís a great alternative to declawing.

Dimensions: Total Width: 84? Total Height: 80? Depth: 11?

What if I have no studs to install the shelves. Can they be installed into drywall or plaster? 
If you don"t have studs available, there are other possibilities, like heavy duty drywall anchors. Home depot has packs of six that are rated to each hold 65 lbs. for under five dollars.

We"ve never tried these with our raceways, or fabric play place. We"re not sure that they would hold tight enough. They get pulled from the side each time a cat jumps on, so we really suggest mounting those into studs.

Do the shelves come with mounting equipment?
All of our pieces come with screws, light duty drywall anchors and brackets attached. Except for our cat bridge. Because it typically sits at a doorway, we don"t know where the studs are, so we include brackets but do not attach them.

What do I need to mount the shelves?
You need a screw driver, a drill, and a stud finder.

Also a level, if you want them perfectly straight.

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