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Style F2 Double Cat Pan Litterbox Cabinet

      SHIPS FREE Style F2 Double Cat Pan Litterbox Cabinet

F2 Side by Side Style  Size: 26 H x 58 W x 18 D

Designed for multiple cat families. Two entrances on the outside and one entrance through the middle allow escape routes so cats can't be trapped inside the cabinet. Because of the size of this cabinet it ships in two sections and must be bolted together to form a single unit. Each section has its own compartment for bags. Holds two plastic 28 qt. Sterilite containers (23 L x 16 W x 6 D). Entrances are 11 from floor.

The following features are patented and are not found in any other litter box.

  •     Moisture proof wooden ledge over litter pan prevents dirty litter from being scratched out of the pan into the bottom of the cabinet. Horizontal wooden ledge also keeps litter from falling out the door onto your floor.
  •     There is a built in box inches inside the upper right hand corner of the cabinet that is dedicated inches for storing plastic groceries bags used for removing dirty litter inches from your cabinet.
  •     The entire cabinet is completely assembled and the inside and outside of the cabinet is waterproofed using 2 coats of polyurethane. Polyurethane is used on Outdoor inches decks.
  •     Unlike the competition our cabinets are furniture height (extra tall inside) to give your cat sufficient head room.

In researching cat behavior inches we found that many cats have a fear of being trapped. This extends to being placed into a closed litter box cabinet with only one opening. Many cats will refuse to enter or will enter but turn around and peer out looking for a threat. We eliminated that fear by placing two openings (one on either side) in the

  Our cabinet so that cats feel a sense of comfort and security. These two openings also create a fresh air flow which help eliminate odors. Choosing a quality cat litter is also very important. We recommend The Worlds Best Cat Litter inches found in major pet stores.

  Ours comes completely assembled. All inside joints are caulked and the entire cabinet is water proofed. Cup hooks are added for scoop and odor removing product. Everything you need is found within the cabinet.

Made in the USA.

Note: White, Green or Blue finishes are special order and require 4-6 weeks to be custom made.


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