SkratchKabin Indoor Cat Scratching Bed - Blueberry

SkratchKabin Indoor Cat Scratching Bed - Blueberry

Introducing the new SkratchKabin, an indoor cat scratching bed; an ideal cosy place to sleep with a textured surface cats love to scratch instead of sofas or soft furnishings.

The SkratchKabin provides a warm and cosy place for your cat to sleep indoors together with a curved, textured scratching surface. The SkratchKabin gives your fabulous feline the chance to exercise their
natural instinct to scratch whilst protecting your
sofa and furnishings!

Ideal for the indoor cat...

  • Helps to protect your sofas and soft furnishings from claw damage
  • Comes in 3 gorgeous colours to complement your interior: Oatmeal, Blueberry and
    Cocoa Bean
  • Provides an ideal scratching surface
  • Comes complete with a removable washable KatKushion
  • Includes free toy hanger and sisal mouse toy

Dimensions: 20" long x 16" wide x 13" high.

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 Shipping: $29.00