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Single Bowl Cat Fountain

Single Bowl Cat Fountain

This is a wheel thrown Pet Drinking Fountain and and the bowl is approximately 4” high, 12" wide and the pump hide is 7" high. The bowl holds 10-12 cups of water and your pet has the choice of drinking from 3 bowls! 

The water pump is hidden inside the center piece (called a "pump hide") and the water flows into the upper bowl and then down into the lower bowls. The pump is adjustable and the water flows into the bowl with a gentle soothing water sound. You can either have the water bubble up, or there are small leaves that make it flow smoothly as well as hiding the silicone tubing.

There is a handmade "leaf" which attaches over the lower bowl that you can use to hide the power lead to the pump. This makes it extremely easy to clean! It also makes it very easy to replace your pump in the future if you should need to.

This fountain only uses food grade silicone tubing to route the water from the pump to the top of the fountain (there are no metal or copper components). There is a filter bag included that contains pelleted activated carbon that acts as a water filter hidden inside the pump hide. The carbon will last for 3 to 4 months, and we will include some extra carbon for you!

Full care and cleaning instructions are included (maintenance is VERY easy!). The ceramic parts are dishwasher safe (although we do recommend hand washing), and we only use food safe glazes. The power lead from the pump exits from the bottom of the pump hide and then simply lies over the rim of the bowl. This makes cleaning and reassembly of the fountain very easy. We recommend cleaning the fountain and pump once a week.

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