Seaweed Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher Scratch Post or Cat Wall Walkway Shelf

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The Seaweed Sisal Cat Scratcher is designed with a unique seaweed-based material that offers a durable and natural scratching surface for cats. It comes with a washable, removable texture that cats enjoy, making it an excellent solution for cat owners seeking a practical and versatile cat scratcher.

Indoor Energy Boost:

The natural sisal post of this scratcher is irresistible to cats! Scratching and stretching help them alleviate stress and embrace their inner wild side, much like exploring the forest. The seaweed green color of the scratching pad adds a soothing touch to your space, invoking feelings of freshness and vitality akin to being in nature.

Easy to Clean:

The Seaweed Sisal Cat Scratcher is simple to assemble and remove, thanks to the velcro attachments. The ease of removing the scratcher facilitates cleaning, making it a breeze for pet parents to maintain.

Space-Saving Design:

Limited space for another scratcher? Seaweed has you covered! It can be installed anywhere, from any corner to any wall, following simple installation steps. It also supports mounting on both sides.

Mess-Free and Eco-Friendly:

The natural sisal of this scratcher is designed to withstand your cat's strong claws, keeping your home clean and reducing clutter. Seaweed is not only durable but also environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable choice for a cat scratching post.


Cats love the feel of this scratcher, and its unique texture keeps them entertained while providing a satisfying surface to scratch and stretch on.


Natural Sisal, Rubber Wood

Dimension (in):

W 10.5" x L 23.6" x H 3.6"

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