Replacement Condos for Modular Playgrounds

OUT OF STOCK Replacement Condos for Modular Playgrounds

All Modular Playground units are available only in GREY, not in the colors shown in the pictures. GREY will be shipped.

These replacement Cozy Fur Condos are a soft and warm, faux fur enclosure with circular openings on two sides. Dimensions are 13.5 Ω" (32 cm) wide, 13.5 Ω" deep and 13.5" (38 cm) high.

The circular openings provide easy access and serve as a lookout window, while the top surface servers as a hammock. The Condo is supported on all eight corners by sixteen Velcro straps.

The top and bottom surfaces are backed by a canvas liner. The Condos are machine washable to remove any dirt, stains, loose cat hairs, odor and parasites.

Includes Condo ONLY - Beams and Connectors sold seperately!

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