Replacement Beams for Modular Playgrounds

OUT OF STOCK Replacement Beams for Modular Playgrounds

Beams are the basic structural element of our Cat Activity Centers. Each measures 13.5" long and has a diameter of 2 3/8" (6.0 cm) to the outer edge of the carpet. The beams are joined by connectors.

Sisal Beams
Sisal-covered rope beams add extra scratching enjoyment to your Cat Activity Center.

Raw Beams
Raw beams provide a scratching heaven alternative to regular carpeted beams for your Cat Activity Center.

Carpet Covered Beams
The carpet material is automotive grade. While it will not withstand repeated clawing by a strong cat, it will normally not tear. The color is an attractive dark gray with light gray fibers, for an attractive variegated look.

The structural element of the beam is a hollow, spiral would fiberboard tube, with a 1.44" (3.71cm) ID and a .150" (4 mm) wall thickness. This provides great strength while keeping the product lightweight. Each finished beam only weighs 6 oz (160g).

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