Omega Enclosure Cat Litter Cabinet, Hidden Litter Catcher

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With a Scandinavian-style design, the Omega cat litter cabinet is not only stylish but can also solve common litter box problems. The cabinet encloses the litter box, storing it out of sight, containing the smell, and keeping dogs and children away.

While most enclosed cat litter boxes pose problems that might result in a cat’s refusal to use them, the Omega solves these issues through design.  With two entrances and air holes in the front and back panels, it offers better air circulation and reduce noise baffling.

Internally, there is a U-shaped perch that gives cats space, allows them to jump in and out of the litter box, and catches tracked litter.

The included foldable litter box allows for easy clean-up and provides enough space for even the biggest cats.

The Omega also provides a space for anxious or shy cats due to its secluded, yet open, design; cats can feel safe inside while keeping track of their surroundings.

The Omega is great for homes with both cats and dogs, multiple cats, or children.

The Omega is not just a cat litter box, it is also a piece of furniture.

With its elegant Scandinavian design, there is no longer a compromise between form and function.

Dimension: Width 24.4in x Length 18.9in x Height 30.8in

Material: Pine, MDF

Product weight: 47.4lbs

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