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Lifelike Cat Scratching Tree

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This Tree House is a unique hand crafted pet home. Every home is designed and built to provide years of enjoyment for your dearest pets. From a small house up to the largest tree, each home is crafted of the highest quality. Materials are blended together to create a very attractive and durable home your pets will love.

They are hand crafted in the U.S.A. by highly skilled American craftsmen. Each tree, starting from the foundation or ?root? house all the way up to the highest leaf is created and built to the highest of standards.

Are the trees real?
Yes, the trees are real, and the branches are skillfully decorated with silk leaves. This provides a natural scratching post for your pet. Since all trees are real, they are susceptible to the humidty. Pet Tree Houses are meant to be kept indoors in a climate controlled environment. Depending on the level of humidity in your home, expect your Tree to adapt to its enviornment by curving and turning a little.

Your cat will love stretching their claws on this Tree! Made of genuine dragonwood tree and sisal rope, this Scratching Tree is perfect for any home.

The Tree is set on a carpeted 16" x 16" base and is approximately 41" tall including the Tree. There is an average of 26" of sisal cord rope to scratch on. This durable, sturdy Tree weighs 10 lbs.

Your Tree House will come fully assembled. However, it will be bolted to the bottom of the crate to prevent damage during shipping. There will be instructions in the crate as to how to remove your Tree House.

IMPORTANT: This is a commissioned artisan piece and this item is non-returnable.

In addition, 4-6 weeks of manufacturing time are usually required for your custom piece to be made. Shipment time is in addition to that.

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