Lack Cat Wall Shelf - Black Medium (set of 2)

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Set of 2 shelves

Designed with a thin and rectangular shape, Lack is perfect for small spaces. With our hassle-free mounting system, you can effortlessly install it on any wall in your home. The sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends with your interior decor, providing your cat with a cozy spot to relax and observe their surroundings. Crafted with durability in mind, Lack Cat Stepper ensures your cat's safety and comfort. Not only is it a perfect resting spot, but it can also be extended and connected to other walkways in any limited spaces or corners. Enhance your home's functionality and aesthetics with Lack Cat Stepper. 

Lack embodies the essence of simplicity and tranquility. Its clean and minimalistic design effortlessly blends into your home, creating an atmosphere of calm while providing your cat with a serene spot to unwind and observe its surroundings.


Specially designed with a thin and rectangular shape, Lack is ideally made for small spaces. It offers a functional and space-saving solution to give your cat their own territory without taking up valuable floor space. It’s easy to create a vertical climbing route with Lack even in a limited space or corner.

Lack is not only a perfect resting spot for your feline friend but can also be used as a display shelf for small decorative items or plants. Its multi-functional design adds an aesthetic touch to your home while providing functionality for both you and your cat.

Despite its delicate appearance, Lack is constructed with unwavering durability. Crafted from premium materials, it stands the test of time, offering your cat a sturdy and reliable haven where they can feel safe and secure.

It comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, allowing you to mount it on any wall in your home.

It's time to enrich the environment for them! Felines love perching up high and viewing down from the top. Climbing and hunting are their instincts. Adding floating cat shelves would courage them to exercise and climb up and down which would be good for their health.

M:Width 11.81" x length 11.81" x height 3.93"

Designed by a team with a deep sense of beauty, this beautiful wood piece highlights the warm accents of rich wood.  Each piece is made with precision and a high level of quality control procedures, resulting in a gorgeous furniture-grade creation that both you and your pet will love for years to come.

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