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Kitty Mountain Cat Gym

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Ain't no mountain high enough for your furry babies! This elaborate playhouse boasts a sturdy 93" tall. That's nearly 8 feet of fun!  Make sure you have the ceiling capacity!
We believe this to be the tallest piece of Cat Furniture available.
Highly durable but completely sturdy and wobble free.
Both old and young can enjoy the Cat Mountain Cat Tree, with an access ladder and interconnecting condo floor. With 3 large upper beds, there won't be any squabble over who is King or Queen of the Mountain.
Kitty Mountain can accommodate the largest cat household, with 8 separate play and sleep stations for large cats and a 9th on the roof for a small prince or princess. This unit has two 52" scratching posts flanking the condo and both are covered in sisal rope. Your kids can climb and climb to their hearts content. Kitty Mountain has it all, climbing, sleeping, and lots of room for play. We've even added bop toys. 
Features and Approx. dimensions:
  • 93" tall
  • 36" overall width
  • 26" overall depth
  • Unit will support over 200lbs
  • Weighs Approx 140 lbs
  • Six Openings
  • Top beds Diamond Platforms 17x15 at widest points
  • Front top bed 26x13"
  • Two 52" sisal post
  • Lounging roof 24x17
  • Condos 16x16 each
  • Middle lounging platform 26x 22
  • Side Platforms 16x12(ones on side of house)
  • 4 toys and lots of sisal rope
  • Solid wood and Beautifully carpeted
  • With or without vine design
  • Lots of color choices
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