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Animal Print Holiday Hollow Cat Gym

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Wow! The Holiday Hollow Cat Tree is a whopping 82 inches tall and is styled like a high-rise apartment building with its 3 interconnecting condos and its penthouse Condo on top. Your cats can climb between the condo levels.  Inside the Cat Tree Condo are the platforms which are designed to allow easy upward travel.

Our animal print versions are made from real carpet, not faux fur!  Available in leopard or tiger!

Designed with usability and style in mind, this incredible unit is perfect for cats of all ages.  The sturdy non-tip base is approx. 26" wide, and the unit is approx. 40" wide at its widest point. With the easy 10 minute assembly your cat or family of cats will be "Movin' on up -- to a Deluxe Apartment in the Sky!".
Five Sisal areas and two hanging toy balls are included.
Be sure and measure your ceiling to be sure you have room for your new cat tree!
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