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Fantasy Board Toy for Cats

Fantasy Board Toy for Cats

The Fantasy Board for Cats game includes four different modules, each with a game designed to stimulate your catís five senses.  Because cats arenít able to see close moving objects in as much detail as humans, theyíll need to rely on their senses of smell and hearing in order to earn treats. 

Game 1:  Treasure Hunt can be filled with ping pong balls to cover hidden treats 

Game 2: Go Fish Fountain lets treats trickle down while cats try to capture them

Game 3:  Cup Scoop requires patience and dexterity to earn their reward

Game 4:  Alley is a playful option that allows cats to earn treats while lying down using their paws or claws or toes

Vary the number and placement of treats to peak catís interest

  • Includes instructional booklet with playful tips and tricks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One year warranty
  • Materials:  plastic
  • Color: blue/white
  • Dimensions:  8.25î W x 13.25î D
  • Weight:  1 pound
  • Materials: plastic, rubber

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