CatastrophiCreations Fabric Covered Corner Cat Wall Shelf

CatastrophiCreations  Fabric Covered Corner Cat Wall Shelf

This is actually two separate shelve that fit together to wrap around a corner. The have stained wood bottoms and a plush fabric tops. Our cat Lylah loves to lay on this shelf and bat people"s heads as they walk around the corner, trying to get pets.

Because studs can be spaced oddly near corners, we include the brackets and hardware for you to attach so that the location correlates to where your studs are. Typically, we round the outer side of the shelf off for a standard corner shelf, leaving the shorter side that is mounted flat and flush with the wall. 

*The Corner Shelf can also be mounted so that it is inverted and fits inside a corner. In order to have this customization done, please leave a note in the Note To Seller section when checking out that you "would like the corner shelf to be inverted". With our inverted corner shelf, we round the opposite sides of the shelf so that it is flat against the longer side that will mount in the corner. There is a small open space on the inside corner. It is 1.5"x1.5"x2" triangular space.To have this customization done to your shelf, simply add in the Notes section when ordering that you would like an inverted corner shelf.

Corner Shelf Dimensions

  • Inner length: 12" x 12"
  • Outer Length: 21" x 21"
  • Depth: 9"

How much weight do the shelves hold?

We haven"t actually maxed out the weight on our shelves yet, so it"s hard to give an exact number. We have tested them at 54lbs, and they didn"t budge.  We use corner braces for brackets that are attached from the top, so that when weight is applied it pushes the shelf tight against the wall. That creates a very sturdy hold. They do need to have at least one of the brackets mounted into a stud. If you don"t have studs avalible, then there is other possiblities like heavy duty dry wall anchors. Home depot has packs of 6 fthat are rated to each hold 65lbs for under $5.

All of our shelves only have one bracket mounted in studs. We"ve applied 45lbs on ours and they were fine. If I we"re going to guess I would say about 50-55lbs would be pushing it.

What if I have no studs to install the shelves. Can they be installed into drywall or plaster? 
If you don"t have studs available, there are other possibilities, like heavy duty drywall anchors. Home depot has packs of six that are rated to each hold 65 lbs. for under five dollars.

We"ve never tried these with our raceways, or fabric play place. We"re not sure that they would hold tight enough. They get pulled from the side each time a cat jumps on, so we really suggest mounting those into studs.

Do the shelves come with mounting equipment?
All of our pieces come with screws, light duty drywall anchors and brackets attached. Except for our cat bridge. Because it typically sits at a doorway, we don"t know where the studs are, so we include brackets but do not attach them.

What do I need to mount the shelves?
You need a screw driver, a drill, and a stud finder.

Also a level, if you want them perfectly straight.

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