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Extra Tall Mini-Width Pet Steps

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These Pet Stairs will help your pet reach his favorite places. Ideal for pets with joint, back, or hip problems. Minimizes strain on the owner's back and legs too. Provides entertainment for cats and kittens too.

The Mini 7 or 8 step stairs are in two pieces to allow less expensive shipping. Many customers are asking for taller units, but the cost of custom units + shipping can be exorbitant. If built as one piece, shipping would typically be over $100. Assembly is easy, requiring only 4 wing nuts to twist on. No tools are required!

6 Step

  • 31" Tall x 12" Wide x 31" Deep
  • Step Height 5"

7 Step

  • 36" Tall x 12" Wide x 36" Deep
  • Step Height 5"

8 Step

  • 41" Tall x 12" Wide x 41" Deep
  • Step Height 5"

These steps have a closed, carpeted back.

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