Cats's Choice 64 Inch Condo Complex Cat Tree

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The Cats's Choice 64 Inch Condo Complex Cat Tree has it all in a form factor that our customers love!  Three tiers provide ample sleeping, lounging, and playing room for any size cats.  The bottom tier features a cozy cat condo, carpeted on the inside for your favorite feline’s comfort.  The upper tiers feature large round perches with lips for security and notches for easy access.  As if this wasn’t enough we’ve also thrown in one natural unoiled sisal rope scratching post and one carpeted scratching post, so you’re sure to have one that your cats prefer over your couch!  Hand crafted by our expert craftsmen in our USA based workshop. 

This piece is a fan favorite, The condo at the bottom provides a hide-away for your kitty but also provides a heavier base adding stability and sturdiness and it works perfectly as a cat bed and the height and multiple levels make it great as a cat window perch. The spacious perches offer a comfy bed to either play, rest or sleep the day away.  

  • 4-5 minutes easy assembly, and is handcrafted in the USA.
  • Crafted from solid wood, plush household grade carpet, unoiled sisal rope, and sonic tubes.
  • Cat house is fully carpeted for your cat's comfort.
  • Dimensions: 24"D x 20"W x 64"h
  • Thick Base that is 24" X 20"
  • 2 circular perches measure 17" in diameter and 7" in height
  • Enclosed House is 17" Diameter and 13" in height

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